Web Series Made Here In Connecticut

I am excited to announce a web series that I developed in 2013 with producer Michelle Nucci called “Made Here In Connecticut”. This web series contains vignettes and short documentaries. They feature old world craftsmanship and people with unique gifts or talents visited and captured through the eyes of a camera. Preserved on HD digital video the charm of tradition, character and wonder. In a world full of computers and new technology we appreciate the original workmanship of the hand or the simplicity of the spirit. Connecticut has many stars but just a few are showcased here.


Series Credits

Cinematography/Editor/Colorist: Jimmy ienner, Jr.

Written, Produced and Directed by: Jimmy ienner, Jr. and Michelle Nucci

Additional camera The Donuts: Pierre Narcisse

The Master Coppersmith/Engraver (post-production)

The Master Sword Maker (post-production)


Copyright Information and Image Usage

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